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Hot Topics from 2017

The Eventful Group conducted an extensive research project over 13 weeks with SharePoint and Office 365 stakeholders across South Africa. The project featured a series of round table discussions and sessions with local and international thought leaders to share, discover and learn about what is changing in the Microsoft  landscape. Through this inclusive approach, the attendees were provided a platform to share their stories and shine a light on the challenges that they are facing with SharePoint and Office 365.

The 2017 Share Conference agenda will be built upon the topics outlined below, gathered as a result of our research.

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  • Realising the Digital Workplace with Microsoft

    How people work is changing and a digital revolution is underway. Microsoft has a vision to help organisations reinvent productivity and enhance business processes by introducing the cloud-first, mobile-first strategy. This productivity reinvention plan has the potential to impact every area of business, ultimately empowering organisations to become more profitable and effective.

    • How Microsoft is leading the way for digital transformation
    • Shaking up productivity in your organisation
    • Insight into what’s new from Microsoft and what to expect in the future
    • User experience is everything – are your users as efficient as they could be?
    • The new face of productivity
    • New functionalities in SharePoint & Office 365 that will change the way you work
    • How to better use what you already own
    • A closer look at the various components of Office 365
    • What’s new in enterprise social?
    • Business applications that will change your life!
    • Improving Project Management with Microsoft
    • How Microsoft can enhance your customer engagement
  • Office 365 & Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is quickly becoming a reality for businesses the world over, and South Africa is no different. Many have seen the value in making the move already, whereas others are still apprehensive. It has become evident and widely accepted that cloud, to some extent, is becoming inevitable and unavoidable. With Office 365, Azure, and a multitude of other cloud platforms and solutions available, there are certain issues that need to be understood and addressed in order to make the transition to the cloud more of a reality to all organisations.

    • Building a cloud business case - what are the big drivers and motivators for moving to the cloud?
    • Microsoft’s strategy and roadmap for cloud and on-premise
    • Determining what to move to the cloud and what to leave on-premise
    • Understanding the complexities of the licensing model of cloud
    • Public vs. Private cloud
    • Hybrid solutions – what options are available and which of these are best suited to your organisation?
    • Understanding the change management effort required around cloud and how to achieve successful user adoption
    • Insight into cloud options available from Microsoft
    • How does SharePoint fit into the Office 365 picture?
    • Learning about Windows Azure as a cloud option
    • What to expect from Office 365 – a closer look at all the components
    • SharePoint 2013 & 2016 in the cloud
    • Developing a business case and strategy for moving to cloud
    • Understanding what is available at your fingertips – what do you already own?
    • Insights into the Office 365 Fast Track
    • Office 365 Migration Centre
    • Migration path into the cloud – what tools are available to aid the migration process?
    • Overcoming Office 365 update complications
    • Is your data safe in the cloud? Data ownership, data classification and data security
    • What does cloud mean for current roles and responsibilities
    • Addressing privacy, legislation and security around cloud
  • Governance, User Adoption & Change Management

    Technology investments are in vain without adequate change management and on-going governance. The ultimate goal is to get users to adopt new solutions happily and seamlessly, which is never an easy feat. Without successful change management and on-going governance, organisations open themselves up to a world of pain. Successful change management, governance and user adoption all require significant planning, time-commitment and adequate budget allocation.

    • How to get people excited about SharePoint & Office 365
    • The importance of investing in the user experience to make SharePoint more user-friendly and appealing
    • Understanding the role that super users and product champions play in improving user adoption
    • Governance changes as versions change
    • New version feature training as part of your governance plan
    • Who should drive SharePoint governance and owns the use of SharePoint as a platform?
    • Roles and responsibilities around SharePoint
    • Governing customisations
    • The role and importance of governance/steering committees and who should sit on this committee
    • The interdependency of planning for change vs. post-change change management
    • How to handle being forced to change due to life-cycles of products
    • IT change management vs end-user change management
    • Marketing new technology to your users – communicating how new technology is going to help solve your business challenges
    • Strategies to deal with digital disruption is your business
    • Adult learning strategies and concepts
    • Bridging the gap between IT and Business to ensure that technology investments and rollouts are aligned with a strategic purpose
    • How the culture of your company affects adoptions and how to navigate a culture that is resistant to change?
    • The interconnectivity of governance, user adoption and change management
  • Legal Compliance & Security Concerns

    With digital transformation comes a plethora of legal and security considerations. South African businesses are faced with a unique set of legal and security considerations, which are slowing down adoption rates without a doubt. The good news is that Microsoft is taking these concerns as seriously as you are. The following topics are at the forefront of the minds of decision-makers at this time.

    • How to assess the security posture of your data
    • What does the POPI Act mean from a Microsoft perspective?
    • Addressing privacy, legislation and security around cloud
    • Best practice for governing legal compliance
    • Public sector complexities
    • Data encryption
    • Ensuring security peace of mind for your digital transformation
    • Tools available to monitor and manage security threats
    • Mobility security considerations
    • Improving the auditability of reports
  • Optimising Document & Records Management

    Storing, organising, archiving, locating and ensuring consistency of documents and records is vital. With a myriad of different schools of thought on the matter, and with a multitude of options available for managing documents and records, many organisations are still struggling to optimally manage their documents and records.

    • Obtaining user buy-in to record and document management processes – how to convey benefits and value
    • Archiving tools and strategies
    • What is the capacity for document and records management in SharePoint out-of-the-box?
    • How to develop a content management strategy to suit your organisation’s needs
    • How to effectively communicate document and records management plans throughout your organisation
    • Which effective 3rd party tools are available to manage documents and records?
    • How do I protect my data?
    • What does POPI mean from a Microsoft perspective?
    • Lessons learnt in implementing Records Management with SharePoint
    • Keeping records online vs. on premise
    • One records centre vs multiple records centres
    • Is SharePoint the right platform for managing records, and why?
    • Search, Taxonomy & Doc Routing
    • WCMS customisation
    • Updated features for better record management
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting & Data Visualisation

    Accurate and timeous reporting and analytics are crucial in operating a successful business. With buzzwords like ‘big data’ and ‘data disruption’ being heard across the board, the spotlight has never been more focused on this! Many organisations are still trying to achieve consistent, effective and user-friendly reporting and business intelligence. In order to do so, it is vital to know what reporting tools are available as well as which of these are best suited for different organisations.

    • Overview of Microsoft and third party tools available for reporting and analytics – Delve, Tableau, PowerBI, Qlikview etc.
    • Developing a visualisation strategy for your business
    • How to aggregate data together in one place and present findings within SharePoint
    • How Office 365 can impact your organisation’s visualisation and reporting capabilities
    • Team collaboration between SharePoint & BI
    • Taking reporting and visualisation to the next level in your organisation
    • What are other organisations doing with SharePoint reporting?
    • Self-service reporting with Microsoft
    • Improving the auditability of reports
    • Microsoft’s roadmap for BI. Reporting and analytics
  • Automating Business Processes

    All successful businesses will attest to the fact that seamless business processes are critical. Automating business processes eliminates the need for routine decisions and unnecessary tasks, and also enables businesses to contain cost. There are a number of tools available from Microsoft and third party vendors that enable effective business process automation and workflow to ensure that work gets done when it is needed, and in the most efficient way possible.

    • Understand how workflow functions differently across the various versions of SharePoint
    • Making workflow forms responsive and work well with their user
    • Types of forms available and managing forms
    • Developing a Workflow business case – what to look for and compare
    • Microsoft’s plan and roadmap for business process automation
    • Navigating the maze of options available for business process automation
    • PowerApps – roadmaps, limitations and benefits
    • Flow – roadmap, features, benefits, challenges
    • Archiving workflow history
    • Out-of-the box workflow possibilities
    • Graph API integration
    • Workflow development approaches
    • Building business processes in Cloud
    • The impact of upgrades on workflows
  • Integration

    With so many Microsoft and third party tools available, the technical landscape within an organisation can quickly become an out of control animal and, as a result, work is being duplicated and businesses do not run as efficiently as possible. Without a proper integration strategy, systems will never be fully optimised and ROI will never be realised. The following points should be addressed in order to reap the benefits of integration.

    • Integration drivers – when does integration make sense?
    • What are Microsoft’s integration recommendations?
    • Integrating SharePoint with SAP
    • How much integration is too much?
    • CRM integration with SharePoint
    • Where should the data reside when integration between two platforms exists?
    • How to retain data integrity post-integration
    • Addressing cloud integration challenges
    • Licensing cost considerations around integration
  • Navigating Upgrades & Migrations

    Running a slick SharePoint/Office 365 environment means always keeping abreast of the constant changes that this environment is prone to experiencing. Keeping up with Microsoft’s release schedules can be challenging. Minimising downtime and disruption during an upgrade is the ultimate goal and achieving this can be incredibly tough. These are some of the issues that need to be addressed in order to improve the way migrations and upgrades are handled in organisations.

    • Understanding the drivers and building a business case and strategy for a SharePoint upgrade
    • Microsoft’s plan for support on older versions and their roadmap for the future of SharePoint & Office 365
    • What to expect from SharePoint 2016
    • Functionality comparisons between versions
    • Implications of skipping versions when upgrading
    • Planning and preparing your business for an upgrade/migration
    • Data migration strategies - prevent “rubbish in, rubbish out” when upgrading
    • Lessons learnt from successful cloud/hybrid migrations
    • Change management effort required in migrations and upgrades
    • Everything you need to know about an Office 365 migration
    • Which custom solutions will be standard in future versions of SharePoint?
  • Mobilising the Workforce

    The mobile revolution continues to make waves and Microsoft’s vision to empower the workforce to work from anywhere is slowly becoming a reality! Thousands of organisations around the world have begun to harness the power of mobile technology. Microsoft’s mobile technology offerings have evolved and developed to such an extent that organisations are being impacted extraordinarily – business transactions and processes are being made simpler and more efficient, and customer interactions are improving across the board. The following are the points that local organisations would like to be addressed before embarking fully on this mobile journey.

    • What can be mobilised with the help of Microsoft?
    • Accessing intranet content on mobile devices
    • Handling security concerns of mobile solutions
    • BYOD considerations
    • RMS – where, what, how?
    • Managing and governing your app catalogue
    • Understanding the important aspects of a mobility strategy
    • Learn how the use of SharePoint applications can enhance your business
    • Overcome security and governance concerns around mobility
    • Is offline data capturing possible?
    • Understanding Microsoft’s roadmap for mobility
    • Mobile reporting possibilities

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